Colin's photo's or writing, that have been published.

On this page are Colin's photo's and or writings that have been  published, by some one else, such as a magazine or newspaper. and are scan's or copies of the articles publishers have thought worth putting into print.

Page up dated 7th December 2018

  up dated 7.12.18 

        Towpath talk front page December 2018.

         Towpath Talk December 2018


Cw 6496 scan of the front page of the December 2018 edition of Towpath Talk with my picture of the works on rebuilding of lock 11 on the Marple flight of locks on the Peak Forest canal.

Cw 6456 Work starts on rebuilding lock 11 at Marple.

Work starts on rebuilding lock 11 on the Marple flight of locks on the Peak forest canal to the east of Manchester.


       Towpath talk pictures January 2018 edition. 


Pics in January 2018 Towpath Talk   


These two pictures, circled of mine where taken in November 2017 and have been published on page 6 of the January 2018 edition of Towpath Talk, the free canal newspaper.

The pictures are Lifting tail gate off boat in Appley Lock Cw 5057 and Boat passes bridge inspection work at Bamfurlong Cw 5061 both images where made on the 14.11.17


  Towpath Talk Ikon Slow Boat article October 2017.

Scan of page 67 of the October 2017 Towpath Talk canal paper

Submitted after a visit to the boat in Birmingham on 7.9.17


Ikon Artickle in Towpath Talk



 9.8.17 Another article and pic's from the Lion Salt works in August's 2017 Towpath Talk, and there are also pictures and words of Colin's from the Middlewich Folk and Boat Festival in the same issue.


Lion salt works article in Towpath Talk


   28.4.17 A pic and article in May's 2017 Towpath Talk  


Burscough towpath pic in Towpath Talk May 2017


6.4.17   At last a picture published in a railway magazine :-)


Pic of 66125 published in Railway Magazine


Cw 2077 Scan of image Cw 2049 in the Railway Magazine.

Scan of page 103 of the April 2017 Railway Magazine which has printed a copy of my picture of DB Cargo 66125 at Knowsley Freight Terminal Kirkby

Cw 2049 DB Cargo 66125 at Knowsley Freight Terminal Kirkby

On Saturday the 11th March 2017 Pathfinder tours ran a enthusiasts railtour from Didcot in Oxfordshire up to the North West of England. The tour was called The Waste Train as the idea was to visit two waste loading depots. The train first visited the Knowsley Freight Terminal near Kirkby on Merseyside. From here some of Merseyside's domestic waste is containerised and loaded on to freight trains that take the waste to a incinerator on Tyneside.

The 2nd place to be visited was Bredbury in Greater Manchester from where again domestic wasted is taken to Runcorn again for incineration in a waste to power plant.

Both of these sites are not normally accessible on a passenger train.

The train had a DB Cargo diesel locomotive on either end of the carriages to enable the train to run into sidings and always have a locomotive leading when they came out again.

Here the train with locomotive no 66125 is in the siding at the Knowsley Freight Terminal at Kirkby on Merseyside.

The train ran under headcode 1Z31 and left Didcot at 06.41 that morning and returned at 23.04hrs.

The date is 11.3.17

Image Cw 2049 copyright Colin Wareing of Colin and Carole's Creations


 A couple of pics and articles published in the February 2017 edition of Towpath Talk,

The 1st one is about a local marina operation near our mooring that has closed.


Latham Marina closed sign



 Latham marina closes

Just before Christmas 2016 the Latham Marina to the west of Burscough on the Leeds and Liverpool canal near the Crabtree Lane swing bridge, closed its doors for the last time.

The business had been run by Tony and Sandra Murphy for the last 36 years from a static caravan and a second hand shipping container that had been set up on land at the bottom end of the car park for the "Slipway" pub that is on the opposite side of the road.

This car park had originally been one of the Leeds and Liverpool canal companies manure wharves where night soil was unloaded from barges that had transported it out of Liverpool to be spread on the local farm fields.

Bill Williams had established "Lathome Marine" in 1972 in the former provender store next to the house that was later to become today's "Slipway" pub. From this base Bill carried out boat repairs, ran a small hire fleet and along with sales of pleasure cruisers. He also built the slipway that the pub takes its name from and is still in use today to launch and retrieve smaller boats.

Tony worked for Bill from 1978 until he took over the business in 1980, moving into the pub car park 6 months later.

Tony and Sandra had provided a service of boat maintenance, spares and repairs, and using Sandra's sewing skills made and fitted boat canopies.

Unfortunately during last winter, the car park became flooded after heavy rains which entered the caravan and the container so Sandra and Tony took it as sign that it was time to take retirement. Over the past 12 months they have gradually sorted out and disposed of stocks of spares and the like that build up in any business that has a long history and have now gone off to relax!   



 24.11.16 Three images of the Leeds and Liverpool celebration flotilla published in the December 2016 issue of Towpath Talk

Towpath Talk Dec 2016




1st December 2015.

  Graham Liver paddled for Pudsey,

           pic and article in December's 2015 Towpath Talk

                        copy of Article in Dec 2015 towpath Talk


"The BBC Radio Lancashire breakfast show presenter Graham Liver is paddling for Pudsey.

He is paddling over 7 days, from Saturday the 7th of November 2015 the canal's of Lancashire to raise money for the annual BBC Children in Need appeal.

He started paddling from Tewitfield on The Lancaster Canal and here on Monday the 9th he is nearing the top of the Rufford Arm of the Leeds and Liverpool canal to the east of Burscough in West Lancashire, and is about to arrive at the Ship Inn on Wheat Lane, L40 4BX

He is using a Canadian canoe and various other people from the radio station are spending spells helping him along.

Graham is in the back of the canoe here and Mick Gradwell a former Detective Superintendent with the Lancashire Constabulary is powering along in the front, in the pouring rain, as they pass under runnel Brow Bridge, no 2 on the Rufford Arm. The weather hasn't been kind to Graham over the first three days of the challenge."

He rasied about £23000 for his efforts for BBC Children in need.


24th March 2015

  H and R Ainscough Barge restoration project press release.

As one of my other "jobs" I volunteer as press officer for the H and R Ainscoughs Barge restoration project.

Recently the project received a welcome sizable donation from the estate of a local historian, Dr Mona Duggan.

I did a press release and sent it out to the local papers and the canal press, and this is Waterways World version of the information and a image I'd supplied.

Reports from the project group say it has raised quite a bit of interest, which is good, the more people interested the sooner the two boats will be returned to their form glory.


H and R article from WW

 The Group has a Facebook page here

Burscough Heritage Group History meeting April 14th 2014.

"Gone but not forgotten, Ainscoughs Mill"

Stirring of Memories of milling days.

The well attended meeting commenced at 8 pm in the Ring O Bells pub in Lathom, with a short presentation by Sandra Nolan from the Burscough Heritage Group, along with a select panel of Burscough residents many of who worked at the mill up until 1997 when the final wheat was milled, before machinery fell silent in 1998.

The audience had brought along artefacts from the mill, including the steam whistle that was used to signal the start and end of the working day, along with numerous photographs, operating documents and plans from the mill.

Members of the heritage group where able to make copies and take pictures of such items, to be put on show at future events, while the enjoyable evening ended with a question and answer session, the panel being tested by questions previously submitted to the heritage group.

The Burscough Heritage group would like to thank the following people who kindly made up the panel, Cora & John Parr, Ann & John Bradshaw, and Margaret & Alan Birch.

Alan Birch holds Ainscoughs hooter aloft 

Cw 927 Bhg History meeting Ainscoughs Mill no 2 Alan Birch

Alan Birch of Burscough displaying the steam whistle that had been the workers signal of shift starts and ends at Ainscough's flour mill in Burscough.

The occasion was a "Gone but not forgotten" history meeting held by The Burscough Heritage group at The Ring O Bells pub in Lathom near Burscough on the 14th April 2014. 

Janet Lawson at BHG Meeting 

Cw 929 Bhg History meeting Ainscoughs Mill no 4 Janet Lawson

Janet Lawson of the Burscough Heritage group collecting names, from Philip Fletcher to annotate a photo of the office staff of Ainscoughs former flour mill in Burscough.

Mr Fletcher was a former employee of the mill that shut down in 1998.

The occasion was a "Gone but not forgotten" history meeting held by The Burscough Heritage group at The Ring O Bells pub in Lathom near Burscough on the 14th April 2014

Colin Wareing BHG press officer 19th April 2014.

The Burscough Heritage group is a not for profit organisation with the aim of preserving and recording the history of Burscough and surrounding areas for this and future generations.

The Burscough Heritage group is supported by Burscough Parish Council, Canal services, Harts and Crafts, Kath Webster Clothing Alterations, Mike Allen Stained Glass, and The Wool Boat

 Submitted to The Ormskirk Advertizer local newspaper and The West Lancashire Champion Newspaper in April 2014



     Wigan Locks open day, published in "Towpath Talk" January 2014.

Dry docking and lock gate replacement explained to Visitors at Wigan

As part of the Canal and river trust's winter maintaince programme the head gates on Lock 87 on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal inWigan have been replaced.

The new gates where lifted into place on the Thursday the 14th of November. 

Over the weekend of 16thand 17th November the trust invited members of the public to visit the work site with work continuing to complete the instillation watched by the 150 members of the public who visited the site

The lock is alongside the covered dry dock inWigan, which enable the trust to explain the workings of the dry dock, and the works on the lock.

The dry dock is available for all boaters to book and use for maintaince tasks at the rate of £200 per week, with change over day being fridays.

The Dry dock and lock site is only yards away from CaRT
northwest Regional offices which where also put to good use as a base for
explaining the workings of CaRT with some the volunteer lock keepers regaling
the public with the summers fun they had had, 
there was also chance to learn how to build a canal with the Canal and
River Explorers group, have a go at fishing, have a close up look at one of the
trusts workboat's and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal society was on hand to tell
the history of the canal.

Michelle Kozomara, The CaRT local Campaign manager reported
that "We had really good feed back form those who visited" So another
successful CaRT open weekend.

Wigan lock open day