Four ply yarns available from Emma Maye The Wool Boat

 page up dated 7.4.2016

                      4 ply yarn is used for delicate work and quite a few what are considered to be sock yarns are 4ply, though of course they can be used for other projects.

  We have a range available aboard The Wool Boat, from basic acrylic in shades from navy through to the pastel shades which tend to be used for baby wear.

  The range then goes on through British yarns, to merino based yarn from Chile, Opal a German yarn that has some nylon in it and it is considered one of the best sock yarns. At the top end is a Botany lace which is 4 ply but very fine.  

   4 ply basket 

              This is the 4 ply yarn, basket on The Wool Boat on the 7.4.16

     These yarns vary in shade from Navy blue to pastel pinks, and are

       acrylic yarns that come in 100 gram balls.

       £2.50 per 100 gram ball.


WYS 4 ply April 2016



Cw 1663 West Yorkshire spinners Signature 4 ply basket 7.4.16

A range of yarn spun in West Yorkshire ideal for sock knitting, and named after native birds.

75% Wool of which 35% is Bluefaced Leicester and 25% Nylon.

100gram balls

400m/437 yards

3.25mm needles

Tension 10cm/4inch square 36 rows by 28 sts

Price at 7.4.16 is £7 a ball.


Blue tit











We are planning to get some more shades in within the next few weeks.

Opal basket April 2016

Cw 1664 Opal Sock Yarn Basket April 2016

This is the Opal 4 ply yarn, basket on the 7.4.16 on The Wool Boat.

This a German yarn ideal for knitting socks with, though good for other 4 ply

projects as well.

We now have 20 different shades of this yarn in stock, so not all in the basket,

if you have a specific yarn you are after and have the shade and dye no

we'll have a look to see if we have any.

£8.75 per 100 gram ball.

Photo Copyright Colin Wareing

Ranco drawer April 2016 


Cw 1666 Ranco yarn drawer April 2016

Skein's of Designer Yarns "Ranco" luxury Merino blend 4 ply yarn in various shades. This yarn is 75% wool and 25% polyamide and is produced in Chile

Each 100grm skein contains 344m, and the recommended needles are 3.25mm, with the tension being 24sts to 10cm.

The skeins are priced at £7.95 each

These yarns are available from The Wool Boat.

Botany Lace April 2016

 Araucania Botany Lace yarn April 2016

Three skeins of Botany Lace, on The Wool Boat, and the price is £12.95 a skein.

The yarn is from the Designer Yarn’s “Araucania” Botany Lace range of Extra Fine Marino Wool.

This yarn comes in 100gram skeins and there is 410m in each one. Recommended needles are 3.25mm, and tension of 29sts to 10cm.

Image Cw 1668 copyright Colin Wareing