Weaving, the process of producing a textile product in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. 

Page updated 25.11.2018 


We very pleased to now have on board some starter weaving kits and

                      Capt Col has had a go at starting to weave.

1st attempt at weaving


Col's first go at weaving, which once he got going was quite easy and satisfying.

He's using the equipment contained in "My first weaving loom" kit that is available from the Wool Boat and would make an ideal start or taster to a new hobby or pastime.

We have a good little range of weaving looms and kits available from the boat starting the "First weaving loom kit" which is great value at £6.50.

               My first weaving loom kit

    and then when you get a bit more experienced a simple frame can end up as a wall hanging, and of course we have plenty of different yarns that you could use.  

               Weaving set

    We are able to offer the above two kits via mail order from our web shop but think the Circular Weaving Loom below is a bit delicate to post, but can be picked up from the boat when we are open,

                                                                         then :-) 

                                   Circle weaving loom