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Welcome to Colin and Carole's Creations website, the online mooring of The Wool Boat (established 2009) "Emma Maye" , based in Burscough on The Leeds and Liverpool canal. The unique floating shop for exclusive and commissioned hand knitted garments, photo art, wool, yarns.

3 new shades of West Yorkshire Spinners 4 play added to our on line shop 23.5.2020.

Updated image of the Baby yarns we have in stock added. 

26.5.2020 update on Capt Col's blog from Wool Boat crew.

Updated Wool and Yarn price list 23.2.2020 

6 New shades of West Yorkshire Spinners Florist 4 ply yarn available from our webshop. 

New curtains fitted on the boat, have a look at them on "The Boat" page. 

  A new unique "Square" jumper added to our on line shop. 

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PLEASE RING 07931 356204 to find out where we are, and when we are open. 

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Colour by Carole is Carole's Etsy's Shop here


Unpacking West Yorkshire Spinners yarn 23.5.2020

Hi all we had a delivery of WYS signature 4 ply sock yarn and Col made a video as he un packed it. 4 shades to either restock or add to the 45 shades of this range we have available from The Wool Boat at £7.25 a 100gram ball. The ones in the packets are, "Kingfisher", "Nutmeg" "Wood Pigeon" and "Juniper"

We are happy to deliver for free in West Lancashire, or can post out and can be ordered through our online shop.

   The video can be seen on our Facebook page  

     Rainbow scarf knitting kits now in our web shop, great for getting the children knitting and crafting, delivered free locally, or we can post out.


Rainbow scarf knitting kit ad


   Hi All during the current lockdown Col is doing free deliveries locally, payment by Paypal or Cash when he drops off your order. 

     Map updated 4.5.2020 with where he has delivered in the last few weeks. 


Cols delivery map 4.5.2020



Sunny bank holiday Monday up date from Wool Boat crew 26.5.2020.

Hope we are all well and had a good Bank holiday weekend?

What it didn't rain and blow a gale? Strange times..

We have spent some time around the boat, but yesterday it was too hot even for Carole to knit, so she spent a good bit of time reading sat on the back deck.

Plenty of folk used the canal and towpath yesterday, walkers, cyclists, boaters and paddle boarders..

One of her friends has suggested she may like to walk the towpath of the Leeds and Liverpool canal from Burscough to where some of her family live in Rodley near Leeds, about 100 miles. Carole also fancies the idea so yesterday was the start of training. We both walked for 30 minutes from the boat along the towpath and back again, about 2.1 miles. There is no suggestion Col's going to be going on the actual walk...why walk when you can boat!

We have had a delivery of new and restocking of yarn from West Yorkshire spinners, have you seen the video that Col made of the unpacking? So four more shades to either restock or add to the 45 shades of this range we have available from The Wool Boat at £7.25 a 100gram ball. The ones in the parcel where, "Kingfisher", "Nutmeg" "Wood Pigeon" and "Juniper"

We are happy to deliver for free in West Lancashire, or can post out and can be ordered through our online shop.

Look out for another delivery later this week, with more new shades...

Carole and Capt Col.

Ps notice we didn't mention the Dom word J too many folk have talk too much about that over the weekend!


Paddle boarder passes Crabtree Lane moorings



New Rainbow jumper, up date from Wool Boat crew 18.5.2020.

After the rainbow scarves, and wrap Carole has now knitted herself a rainbow V neck jumper.

Looks bright, she'll be rivalling Col for his jumpers soon!

We've spent a good bit of time around the boat this weekend. It was nice to get away from the house as plenty of other folks are using the towpath for their exercise.

Friends from the next boat paid a visit to their boat, so there was some socially distancing crafting going on, crochet and knitting.

We put some new fat balls in the bird feeder and once the birds found them they soon went. Is it our imagination or are there more sheppies, or Starlings about this year?

Back to the Rainbow theme, a lot of people have been putting pictures of rainbows crafted from yarn in the windows. Shows great support, however we wonder if some of the key workers may appreciate something a bit more practical, such as a scarf? The free pattern is still available from our website, and we still have stocks of yarn and needles.

Rainbow jumper for Carole 



Carole and Capt Col

The parcel of "notions" or knitting and crochet tools arrived on Wednesday from the wholesalers, Groves and Banks.

Needles, straight and circular, crochet hooks, dpns, knitting dollies and pom pom makers.

Some are to fulfil orders, some for stock, and hopefully we'll get some kids crafting.

If you need or want anything feel free to get in touch.


Groves notions parcel 13.5.2020


We now have all the six new shades of the WYS Florist yarn available from our website. Our price is £7.25, with free local delivery or we can post it out.


                                     WYS Florist yarns     

 The six new shades are now available from our On line shop 

   We have six shades of the "Florist" collection in stock now, of the shades English Rose, Forget-Me-Not, Foxglove, Delphinium, Gypsophila, Peony.

    Carole has now finished designing and has knitted up a couple of samples of her Rainbow Scarf.  

Childs Rainbow pattern pic


This scarf pattern is to knit a Rainbow Scarf as another way of showing solidarity and appreciation for the NHS and key workers in the strange times caused by the coronavirus.

The pattern is in three sizes, Childs, Adults and a car or window banner.

The pattern can be down loaded here

  Rainbow scarf pattern 

 Of course if you need the yarn we can supply it, with local free delivery. Here

He have put the pack of 7 rainbow colours of yarn into our web shop so they can be ordered straight from here

Carole and Capt Col

   All our daily updates are being archived on Capt Col's Blog if you want to catch up with past ones. 

The Wool Boat does Home deliveries


    updated Baby yarn box aboard and available now,


Baby Yarn box April 2020


The baby yarn box on the towpath besides the Wool Boat on the 3rd of April 2020.

The box contains various J C Brett's baby double knitting yarn.

Available in various shades and mixtures of yarn types, all based on acrylic's that make for easy washing care.

In the box is yarn from the range's of "Magi Knit", "Baby Shimmer" "Soft and Gentle", "Twinkle Baby Prints" and one shade of "Baby Marble"

Price's range from £2.50 to £3.50 per 100grm ball.

These yarns are available from The Wool Boat.

Due to the differences in imaging displays the colours may not be rendered quite true but they are bright in real life.

Payment can be by Pay pal, BACS transfer or cash in a envelope swopped at a suitable distance on the door step. 

    Carole has recently completed this shawl, knitted from "Landscape" of which we have 6 shades in stock at £3 a ball. 

                            Landscape shawl 

                             Landscape yarn




We had hoped that Carole would have been on the telly again today on a repeat on the Yesterday channel of Sir Tony Robinson's history walk from Liverpool to Wigan from a few years ago. But they cut out her out! She's not happy.

BUT...it is available on U Tube here  Carole is on at about 28 minutes in. 

We have had a delivery of 29 new shades of Opal 4 ply sock yarn which is now for sale from The Wool Boat. There are 2 balls of some shades, and only one of others.

There is a list of all the shades on the Wool and yarns page here

This a German yarn ideal for knitting socks with, though good for other 4 ply projects as well.

£8.00 per 100 gram ball, we can post it out with the postage for between 1 and 3 balls being £3 to a uk address, but buy 4 and we'll send it out post free.

New shades of Opal on the Wool Boat 15.1.2020
       A New "Square" V neck jumper added to our on line shop.


Square Jumper

New hats and headbands added to our on line shop.

                 Head band from Harmony garment 431    Striped hat Garment 435

     Crochet any one? 


Crochet kit 2.11.19

We've put a kit together for a Summer days cardigan, to be crochet from all items in stock on the Wool Boat.

The pattern comes from West Yorkshire Spinners, the yarn, which is DK weight is from James C Brett top value acrylic range and the hooks are from Knit Pro.

This pattern includes some Tunisian crochet hence the inclusion of the 6mm Tunisian crochet hook.

The pattern calls for 4 100g balls of the white, 4 100g balls of what we call "Everton Blue" and 2 100g balls of Maroon, so 10 balls in all. PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE NOT TESTED THIS PATTERN WITH THE YARN WE HAVE IN STOCK.

So, pattern, 10 balls of yarn and 2 hooks for £26.20. Price at 2.11.19.

All items available separately.

     Carole has just finished this V neck jumper which we have added to our on line shop, will it be there for long? maybe not.


V neck fairground jumper


  Up dated OPAL basket on the Wool Boat, these yarn's are changing on a regular basis so please come and see what we have, £8 a 100gram ball


Opal basket October 2019


  We've got new stock aboard, a new range of dk yarn, James C Brett's "Landscape" and a collection of crochet patterns from West Yorkshire Spinners...

Landscape yarn

A double knitting weight yarn in a range of flecked colours, of which we have 6 shades or colour ways in stock. The yarn is 85% premium acrylic and 15% wool.

These are shades LS01, in blue and grey, LS04 in fawn and grey, LS05 in maroon and grey, LS06 in grey and lilac, LS07 in grey and dark blue and LS08 in shades of pink. We also have a series of patterns to go with this yarn.

Knits to most Double knitting patterns

100 gram balls 260 meters 284 yards per ball.

Needles 4mm

Tension 28 rows by 22 stitches will produce a 10cm by 10cm square.

Carole says, "I've just started to knit with this yarn into a jumper, and it's knitting up nicely.

£3.00 per 100gram ball.


The new yarn is this years Christmas sock yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. "Robin" which is now back in stock and comes complete with a sock pattern in the form of a Christmas card. £7.25 a ball. 

WYS Robin sock yarn WYS Robin socks

     If you want to avoid knitting the socks we also have ready knitted ones in shoe sizes 6-8 and 7-11 available again from our web shop for £13.50 a pair.  

WYS gems poster


        All nine shades of J C Brett's "Northern Lights" available from the Wool Boat,  


Northern Lights yarn 15.8.19

               1 ball, of 150 grams, is enough to create a shawl 18 x 36 inches with the pattern being on the inside of the ball band. £6 a ball 


                               New shades of "Party Time Chunky" in stock. 
New party time Chunky 9.8.19

                                      100 gram ball's £3.50 each   

   We have been included in a article in The Guardian newspaper along with lots of other roving canal traders we know. A big thank you to every one who voted for us. the article is here    

We now have a selection of Tea Cosies available from the Wool Boat or our web shop.

        Large t cosy garment 415Small t cosy garment 417


        The Winwick Mum West Yorkshire Spinners sock yarn is now in stock.

                                 Winwick sock yarn flyer 

     And is available when we are open …….

Two new crochet books, Crochet Unravelled and Adaptable Crochet now available from The Wool Boat or through our webshop. 


Just finished, and I'm keeping this one for myself, Carole,

though I could recreate it as a commissioned garment.

                                Garment 378 Tranquil sleeveless hooded jacket

An adult's sleeveless hooded jacket knitted from J C Brett's "Tranquil" yarn.

The shade is number TQ07 which has shades of cream, lilac and light turquoise.

The yarn is wool and acrylic mix and we have all 6 shades available on The Wool Boat.


                         Extended range of Aztec Aran aboard.

    Aztec Aran 12.18

                                    Lovely and soft, £3.25 100 gram ball. 

    New range of sock yarn aboard and for sale, James C 

       Brett's Funny Feetz, 4ply 75% Wool 25% Nylon

                                       Funny feet sock yarn

                                                      £6 100gram.  

      Do you or have you considered using "Knit Pro" needles? we carry a small range of straight and circular needles, and we can order in what you would like at very competitive prices.  

  The Wool Boat has a range of chunky yarn aboard, J C Bretts "Tranquil" at £3.75 per 100 gram and we have the patterns to support your creating. Details here.

 Tranquil yarn

     Carole has knitted a adults hat from shade no TQ03 and says the yarn is nice and soft easy to knit with and knits up quickly.

    The hat is now available from our web shop.


       The only Wool Shop in on the canals that welcomes people aboard to buy their wool and yarn?

    Open regularly on the canal, providing it's not blowing a gale when it's not safe to move the boat, or we are caught in the ice!               

             Two new child's tops added to our shop  

Garment 347               Childs Sleevless jumper garment 346 

buyitoffaboat #wool #yarn #knitting #crochet #buyitfromawoolshop #Lancashire #LYS   

If you are making a special trip please give us a ring to make sure we are open, and of course we can always arrange a personal appointment to suit you and us if you can't make it to our planned opening place.

Colin and Carole The Wool Boat August 2019.   

                    J C Bretts Party Time Chunky of which we have 8 shades available,

                                               at £3.50 a 100gram ball.

              Party time chunky

 See progress on Carole's Temperature blanket  for 2019. 


Don't worry if you do decide to purchase any of our lovely yarns it won't add to your stash….it's only a souvenir of a visit to the worlds only floating yarn and wool shop:-)

On the 17th of September 2016 a chap, Bryan Lomax asked if he could make a short

   video about Carole and us, and the results is a U tube video "The Knitter"


The Kniiter a short video featuring Carole


We have recently updated our Wool and Yarns Page to include "Teds Mates Rates 


   Have you thought about a  personal appointment?

           On a few occasions  we have arranged a "Personal Appointment".

We arrange a day and time for you to visit "Emma Maye" the worlds only floating yarn shop, and so you can have a relaxing hour picking out patterns and yarn's with assistance from Carole the knitter, and we'll even give you a brew.

Please feel free to ring us on 07931 356204, e-mail us, message us, what ever and we'll look forwards to welcoming you on board  

                                   Capt Col is now on Twitter   

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  The Burscough Fibre Festival's archive details here 

About six  years ago we started The Wool Boats knit and natter group in The Slipway, and since then there has been a meeting nearly every Thursday since, around the Burscough area, at the moment in The Farmers Arm's on New Lane. The meeting still goes on even if we're not there, so feel free to join them from 1pm.

    We are now members of The Roving Canal Traders Association as we rove the canals

Shop opening times and Cruising plan here.

   For service outside shop opening hours please feel free to ring us or e-mail us.   

 Our main yarn supplier, J.C. Bretts have their own web site, here

 This details all the yarns they produce and whilst we carry good stocks of alot of their range what we havn't got in stock we can order in for you, and remember that we will not demand that you take all of the pack that our supplies are delivered in, if you just need one ball thats all you'll need to complete your projects.              

         As always if your making a special trip give us a bell to make sure where we are.

                                             07931 356204 

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